Like A Suffocating Blanket.

Like A Suffocating Blanket. It clings to me like a parasite  Insidious, it watches by day and by night  Every thought, every move, every waking hour But I have learned to find my power From deep inside the fire still burns Despite all the emotional twists and turns   I feed the flame of resistance and […]

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A Fisherman of Words.

A Fisherman of Words. They come to me like drunken butterflies That dance and flash before my eyes Images, imagined and yet so real I can reach out and almost feel. A word, a phrase, a half forgotten line It may not even be one of mine Of a half forgotten dream Or some long […]

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A Crimson Sky.

A Crimson Sky. A blood soaked dawn, a crimson sky A new day dawns, how many more will die As Truth and Honesty dies  Suffocated by Propaganda and Lies To feed the fantasy of another Megalomaniac We can not look away and turn our back A church bell tolls For the departed souls Another hungry […]

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A Soft Day.

 A Soft Day.  Looking down into a forest on a soft wet day.  The drizzle and mist hung like a magical display Mysterious and mystical, a world shrouded in grey A shaft of sunlight, a solitary golden ray. Slowly, I took a walk through the trees and rolling mist My feet barely touching, where sunlight […]

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Dear God.

Dear God Dear GOD, I know you must be very busy To notice a little girl  like me Or to listen to my troubles and fears And hear my prayers and see my tears  Every night when I kneel and pray I thank you for all the good things you sent today For helping Daddy […]

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Just Another Day in A & E.

Just Another Day in  A & E. Do not panic, do not worry Do not rush over here in a hurry I just accidentally pressed my alarm I’m not hurt or in any harm I haven’t fallen and broken a bone I just forget to charge my phone My battery was running low My fumbling […]

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My Silly Red Hat.

My Silly Red Hat. My masters brought home a tree I thought that it was just for me  But when I cocked my leg to pee They reacted rather angrily  They said that I was being bold And then locked me out in the cold  Then that ugly fat bulldog from number 8 Stopped and […]

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A Light in the Darkness.

A Light in the Darkness. No matter where you roam Or how far you are from home No matter how far apart we have grown May you never feel all alone. Though many years have passed us by And you have not forgotten the reason why Nor forgiven me for words that made you cry […]

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A Mother’s Love.

A Mother’s Love. There were no marching bands to greet him The old railway station had never looked so grim An empty platform, there was no cheering crowd No shouts of bravado or of music played too loud No flags, no speeches. There was nothing to be seen It was as if it had never […]

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