The Furnace of Infinity.

The Furnace of Infinity.   Light fades slowly as evening falls Like an unwanted guest, the darkness calls Shadows creep across the cold stone floor A sliver of light under the kitchen door As daylight retreats from the darkening room Leaving shades and shadows in the gathering gloom A trickle of light, lingers a little […]

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The Last Dance.

THE LAST DANCE   In the frantic rush to satisfy our greed In a mad orgy,  our egos to feed We have placed our wants before our needs To our own destruction, we have sown the seeds So many are the mistakes we have made Sold our souls, our trust betrayed We have tipped the […]

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Notre Dame – Our Lady of Fire.

Notre Dame – Our Lady of Fire.   Flames dance and tumble across roof and tower With such frightening force and primeval power Raging fire like a ravenous beast Devouring all before it, in a frenzied feast Burning timbers in their death throes scream Scenes from a nightmare, or our darkest dream Dancing spirals of […]

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Britannia Waives The Rules.

Britannia Waives the Rules.   Brexit – oh please don’t mention that word It has become such a farce, it really is absurd In the land of the bewildered, there is chaos and consternation A government without a plan, a clue or direction Britain takes the biscuit..Britannia waives the rules Party politics lead by arrogant […]

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The Knutty Knitters Klub.

The Knutty Knitters Klub (long version)   Oh the craíc is mighty, down at the Knutty Knitters Klub There’s more fun to be had, than down in the pub Down at the local hall, from eight till late Leave all your worries and cares at the gate And enjoy yourself, every Monday night You can […]

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