It Could Be You..

It Could Be You….   Remember the next time you laugh or take the piss Stop and think and remember this That stumbling old man may be seriously ill Resting in that doorway or on that windowsill   Those shaking limbs or trembling  hand Slurred speech, so hard to understand Before you comment on how […]

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A Parkinson’s Story.

Parkinson’s Disease – the day that changed my life   I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease on the 15th of August 2007 It is hard to believe  that it was 12 years ago. Looking back now I know I had some of the symptoms much earlier in my life.  Some days it seems so long […]

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A Pagan’s Prayer.

A Pagan’s Prayer   A new day dawns, a sacred celebration The Sun God appears on the horizon Rekindling the flame in blood red skies As the darkness of night retreats and dies    Dawn’s first light caresses Earth and Sea The cloak of darkness and shadows flee  They will return to reign and rule […]

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The Brooding Silence.

  The Brooding Silence   He sits there in silence and all alone His hand reaches for the telephone He hesitates like so many times before Then rises slowly and walks out the door   He  knows he needs to make that call But part of him does not want to, at all He’s not […]

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The Wind Whispers Softly….

The Wind Whispers Softly….   The wind whispers softly, a gentle breeze From across vast oceans and countless seas Telling tales of strange and distant  places Of people, their customs and exotic races Of kingdoms and countries so far away On a constant journey, by night and by day   Across burning deserts and forests […]

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HAZLEWOOD,  Along a serpentine trail, I carefully tread An old oak, now brittle and long dead A fallen king who once reigned supreme In this forgotten grove by a silver stream   Lazily meandering and winding through  Prickly Holly, Hazel and Yew Ancient Oak, Rowan and Beech Tall silver Birch, proudly skyward reach   Like […]

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