The Man Behind the Mask.

The Man Behind the Mask How are you today ? People often ask If they could only truly see behind this frozen mask Where do I begin to tell you how I really feel Is it all inside my head or is it really real How could you understand, how do I explain My weary […]

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The Winds of Change.

The Winds of Change. As we dance and we weave through the eddies of life twirling and swirling, holding on for dear life to the rocks of insecurity and foundations of sand to dreams and schemes and plots so grand to the thoughts and opinions many so dark tumbling and fumbling like fools in the […]

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A Far Away Place

This a poem out sleepless nights  and how I  use my mind to relax and eventually fall a sleep…it works sometimes !!   A Far Away Place   It’s 4 30 am and I can’t sleep Not sure if I should laugh or weep My body is restless and jumping around Whether I stand or […]

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A Prayer for the New Year

A Prayer for the New Year On a day the world weighs  heavily upon your shoulder When your muscles ache and weary bones grow colder And the icy cold fingers of despair reach out To grip your heart and freeze your mind with doubt And fill your soul with such dread and fear As you […]

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