The Wind Whispers Softly….

The Wind Whispers Softly….   The wind whispers softly, a gentle breeze From across vast oceans and countless seas Telling tales of strange and distant  places Of people, their customs and exotic races Of kingdoms and countries so far away On a constant journey, by night and by day   Across burning deserts and forests […]

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HAZLEWOOD,  Along a serpentine trail, I carefully tread An old oak, now brittle and long dead A fallen king who once reigned supreme In this forgotten grove by a silver stream   Lazily meandering and winding through  Prickly Holly, Hazel and Yew Ancient Oak, Rowan and Beech Tall silver Birch, proudly skyward reach   Like […]

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Another Happy Christmas.

  Another Happy Christmas.   Twas the night before Christmas and all was not well The house was silent, there had been trouble, you could tell The children were in bed, pretending to be asleep But quietly across the landing, they did creep Listening for Santa at the top of the stairs But what they […]

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Three Little Kittens.

My 100th Poem!   Three Little Kittens.   Three little kittens trying to climb a tree One hunting butterflies, the other chasing a bee The third gets lost in an overgrown flower bed And cries for his mother to come rescue him instead   One is a ginger, lurking In the long grass Ready to […]

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Thunder. Thunder rolls, roars and rumbles Above dark clouds, the sky God grumbles As if awoken from a slumber so deep Tears of rage from his fiery eyes weep   Across the sky, lightning flashes As thunder booms, crackles and crashes Shivering with fear, some take to their beds Closing their eyes, covering their heads […]

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Dancing with the Stars.

Dancing with the Stars.   On a cloudless night My soul takes flight To distant worlds so far away Far beyond the Milky Way On wings of stardust and starlight Celestial winds to guide me through the night Dancing on Moonbeams across this infinite space Cosmic Chaos and Order, rule this place.   Shooting stars […]

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Another Decade Another Year.

Another Decade Another Year.   In an old photo album, cracked and worn Old photographs faded and torn Serious faces defiantly stare A moment in time, they so generously share Dressed in their best so glamorous and proud A solemn occasion. no smiling  allowed Ghost like figures, frozen in time A different rhythm, a different […]

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