Just Another Pawn.

This is a poem is a tribute to the men who fought and died in WW1 and war in general. To the ordinary men for their bravery and sacrifice. Just Another Pawn A blackbird’s song  A plaintiff cry The Angels weep in a blood red sky A moment of beauty in this wretched place A lonely […]

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We Have Forgotten.

One of my very first poems… We Have Forgotten. In a Cathedral Forest, in a sacred place Far away from the human race Trees whisper in a language long forgotten Now abandoned and betrayed by men The Rivers sigh but we do not listen In our arrogance we have forgotten Who and What we are. […]

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The Fool in the School.

This is just a tongue in cheek look at poetry. I still rarely read poetry or listen to recitals. My influence comes more from lyrics of songs of song writers like Dan Fogelberg , Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot and Chris De Burgh. Artist who paint a picture in your mind when you listen to their […]

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Storm Dancer.

One of my very first poems. again it doesn’t rhyme or follow my normal format, but I like it as it expresses my feeling of joy and exuberance at the time. STORM DANCER Just back from a walk,one happy dog and re invigorated man! a gale force,stormy day where the wind blows the cobwebs of the mind […]

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The Invisible Man.

The Invisible Man A crow takes flight with a loud cry Dark shadows circle against a leaden sky A bitter cold wind bites both man and beast From faraway lands in the frozen North-East A warning of more severe weather on the way On a grey and sullen, cold winter’s day   Huddled and shivering […]

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