In a Split Second.

In a Split Second.

She had only popped out for some milk for her tea

“I won’t be long”, she called, “I’ll be back in a jiffy”

“I’ll be back in no time at all”.

A loving mother’s last words, echo down the hall

He was anxious to collect his pension before it got too late

There was a long queue so he would have to stand and wait

He reminded himself, to buy a Lotto ticket on the way

Sure you never know when it’s your lucky day 

She had only popped in to top up her phone

So she could call her friend, who was feeling all alone

The poor girl’s boyfriend, had dumped her the night before

Those were her last thoughts as she walked through the door

He suddenly realised that he had no cash with him

So he pulled in at the garage to use the ATM 

His fingers tips had just touched the cash

When all around him, a blinding flash

Her Dad had promised her a few nice treats

An ice cream or a bag of her favourite sweets

So he stopped for petrol and a bale of briquettes 

And remembered to pick up a pack of cigarettes

She had been delayed at the office, then had to post some letters

So she was late for her appointment at the hairdressers

It had been a tough day, she sat back in the chair

As the scissors snipped the first lock of her hair

We just never know when our world will end

When we have to leave behind, both family and friend

When our time has come to exit the stage

When our story has ended, we’ve reached the last page

So don’t take for granted those people in your life

Be they mother, daughter, husband or wife 

Your father or brother, or that crazy, young sister

Your best mate, your soulmate, your partner, your lover.

That kindly neighbour, who walks his dog every evening

He always has a smile and a wave and a greeting

Or that  lady who lives at the corner and is so very nosey

Who knows everyone’s business, but she’s just lonely

Life can be heartless and often, a very dark place

Disaster and Death are facts we have to face

No matter how senseless or tragic they seem to be

Death is part of  our Life’s journey

Life can end in split second or the blink of an eye

Leaving questions unanswered and wondering why ?

We just never know when it’s our time to leave

Leaving us with precious memories and time to grieve.

© Denis Murphy 08 October 2022.

The world has become a much sadder place. Even here in Ireland. There are murders every day, children being killed, terrible accidents  and family tragedies. Not to mention the several wars, famines, floods, droughts all over the world. We have changed the balance of nature and our climate has been damaged by our  foolish actions and greed.                                                                                                         

I have written this poem to try to exorcise some of those negative feelings and to pay tribute to those ten people who recently died and to those who were seriously injured in the petrol station explosion in Donegal, Ireland.                                                                                                                                                        N.B. This poem is a work of fiction and the characters are of my creation. If there is any resemblance to those victims who died, that is a coincidence.                                                                                                    I have posted this poem with the best intentions and I hope that it does not cause hurt or upset .

© Denis Murphy. 12 October 2022.

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