Like A Suffocating Blanket.

Like A Suffocating Blanket.

It clings to me like a parasite 

Insidious, it watches by day and by night 

Every thought, every move, every waking hour

But I have learned to find my power

From deep inside the fire still burns

Despite all the emotional twists and turns  

I feed the flame of resistance and resurrection 

With a thirst for knowledge and education

Every day is different from the one before

Each day brings a new challenge knocking on your door

And robs you of something you took for granted 

Reinforcing the seeds of doubt already planted

Constant vigilance is required 

Though you may be weary and tired

To root out these destructive thoughts you must do

And replace them with both positive and new

In the war against Parkinon’s we must never give in

Though some battles we may lose, others we will win

Some days are hard and some not so bad 

To be part of this amazing journey, I am proud and so glad.

Like a suffocating blanket, it clings to me

Will I ever escape and be set free

Perhaps only Death will accomplish that 

But I am not yet ready to take that path

I have things to do and people to meet

Songs to sing and friends to greet

I still have lots of people to annoy

To share both my sorrow and my joy

To inflict my poetry on unsuspecting readers

And words of advice to politicians and leaders

Though I have never been to college 

I freely share my wisdom and knowledge 

Any pearls of wisdom in all sincerity 

And all I have learned from Life’s University 

Without prejudice and in all honesty 

Unconditionally and with great modesty….

C Denis Murphy 15 April 2022.

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