Hi there, thank you for taking the time and effort to read my site/page.

My main reason for creating this site/page is to help people to have a better understanding of Parkinson’s Disease and of disability in general.

We take our health so much for granted until we are suddenly struck down with a serious illness.

I have found an outlet for expressing my feelings and emotions through poetry and short stories

At school I loved history and enjoyed English literature,especially short stories and prose but poetry I could not for the life of me, grow to either like or appreciate. My mind seemed to switch off and my imagination would run riot once Shakespeare or Milton made their appearance in class.

Even today I would rarely listen to or read poetry.

I do draw my inspiration from song writers and their imaginative lyrics.

Artists like fellow Cork men John Spillane and Jimmy McCarthy. Singer / songwriters such as Al Stewart, Gordon Lightfoot,Chris De Burgh, Jim Croce and my favourite of all, the late and great Dan Fogelberg.

Their words invoke imagery and a sense of rhythm.