Are We Not All God’s Children ?

Are We All Not God’s Children ?

May I ask you a simple question ?

Is a refugee different, if they are White and Christian

From one that is Brown or Muslim or Palestinian

Or because they have fled from Iraq or Afghanistan 

Or war torn Yemen, or a Kurd or a Syrian

Are we not all God’s children ?

At secret gatherings they make their plans

Those faceless men with their grasping hands

Their lust for power, riches and wealth

In every conflict around the world, can be felt

To seek control and domination

Over every state and nation.

Worldwide conflicts stirred up by greed

Grabbing resources, then create the “ need”

There’s profit in war, in conflict and death

The game begins the board is set

Just pick a country it’s like a game

And they will even provide a patsy to take the blame

Some terrorist group or rogue nation, it’s all the same

Or they’ll invent one and even give them a name

Under a flag of convenience and pretence

Whose aims and aspirations make no sense 

Driven by some twisted ideology  

To destroy all that is good and Democracy

How to disrupt, dismantle and destroy a nation

Scatter it’s people, destroy its culture and reputation

Divide and conquer it’s the oldest game

It has always been the same

To protect innocent people We must restore order

To protect Our interests, Our people, Our border

Dogs of war let loose from their collars

All for a fistfull of blood soaked dollars

Private armies, no restrictions, no restraints

No need to listen to the world’s complaints 

The Geneva Convention does not apply

Pay no heed to that heartbroken cry

No mercy for the innocent, the young or the old

Let them starve to death in the freezing cold

Their lives do not matter in the greater scheme 

The poor will always be with us, to hope and to dream

Just casualties and pawns that got in the way

Making money is all that matters at the end of the day

Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the Ukraine

People are suffering. It’s all the same

A terrified child

Eyes feral and wild

Hiding in the darkness, afraid of the light

Should it matter if her face is brown or white ?

C. Denis Murphy 11 March 2022.

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