A Soft Day.

 A Soft Day. 

Looking down into a forest on a soft wet day. 

The drizzle and mist hung like a magical display

Mysterious and mystical, a world shrouded in grey

A shaft of sunlight, a solitary golden ray.

Slowly, I took a walk through the trees and rolling mist

My feet barely touching, where sunlight had kissed

A muted silence, broken by an occasional bird call

It was as if the outside world didn’t exist at all

 I was alone and at one with the Spirit of the Forest

As I seek a place to stop and rest

A Soul, just drifting along, 

As if searching for a long forgotten song

In merging of shadows and light

In a search for all that is good and right

Real or imagined. Both Illusion and Reality

Such peace and tranquillity in this Sacred Sanctuary 

Through a thin veil of shimmering light, I had been lead

Between two worlds I carefully tread

The Earth beneath my feet was  firm yet soft and yielding 

From her very core, I could feel Mother Earth’s heart beating 

Through bark and bough and raindrops weeping

I could hear the faintest whisper of water seeping 

From leaves overhead, every twig and branch

Like a baptismal ritual of welcome and acceptance

Just then a sudden breeze, playfully ruffles my hair

Carrying sweet and mysterious scents from both far and near

Of strange and exotic places

Of forgotten and half familiar faces

Invoking memories of long forgotten dreams

Weaving patterns of tantalising scenes 

From deepest memories to my darkest dreams.

Another reality. Or so it seems

Of dreams that never were, or were never mine

Reaching for the soft and radiant light, so fine

A mere shadow of the Fire inside.

Where Divinity and Spirit reside

I was One with Creation for Eternity

All that is, ever was and ever will be.

A sense that I had found my true path along the way

And that I had found my way home..on a soft day.

C. Denis Murphy 24 November 2021.


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