God Exists..

God Exists. 

God exists so that we may shift the blame

To justify the bloody deeds, committed in His name 

While bishops and priests, their dogma peddle

And in our affairs, constantly meddle. 

Preaching their doctrine of sorrow and gloom

Prayer and pain, terror and doom

The only way to Heaven, is through penance and contribution

This,  they would have you believe is the only solution

Controlling  through threats of eternal damnation

And the only way to find salvation

We must prepare for Judgement Day

When the world we know, will be swept away

We must keep His commandments, proclaims the Pope

For those who do not, there is no hope

And those who do not keep the True Faith 

Will never enter through Heaven’s Gate 

Humans need to believe in rituals and ceremony 

We must suffer punishment and how painfully

To attain salvation through sacrifice 

Good deeds or Love alone, will not suffice

Why are we obsessed with Life after Death?

Instead of Living this Life without regret?

Did He not say -“Be Still and Know” – yet we do not respect

The Kingdom of Heaven is “within”,  or words to that effect ?

We seem to have forgotten somehow

Is that we are here and now

We can only Live Life in this very moment

And all talk of a future Heaven or Hell is irrelevant.

© Denis Murphy 17 July 2022.

This is a poem about religion/the Church of the past, like the medieval ages, when the Church had so much power and influence over people through terror.

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