A Crimson Sky.

A Crimson Sky.

A blood soaked dawn, a crimson sky

A new day dawns, how many more will die

As Truth and Honesty dies 

Suffocated by Propaganda and Lies

To feed the fantasy of another Megalomaniac

We can not look away and turn our back

A church bell tolls

For the departed souls

Another hungry child cries

Amid the sobbing and the sighs

A broken hearted mother

Mourns the death of another son or brother

The merciless machines of death and desecration

In their wake, a trail of desolation

And horrific scenes of mass destruction

On the road to total annihilation

To obliterate their language and tradition

Of a people and their proud nation

Will we ever learn from our past

How long more can humans last
Extinction is facing us straight in the face

There will be no sanctuary or safe place

Too late, we have betrayed our trust

And all that remains will turn to dust

C.  Denis Murphy 16 March 2022.

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