A Minstrel on the Wing.

I have been through Heaven and Hell And lived with many tales to tell Few could imagine, the wonders I have seen Or the joyful places I have been Nor have they felt the sorrow and the pain Of the wind and the storms and the winter rain Or the beauty of morning sunlight, glinting […]

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The Old Haunted House.

The Old Haunted House. No one would visit them, in the old haunted house Not even a stray cat or a little brown mouse The ghosts were feeling lonely having frightened everyone away People would rarely visit now, even by day There was even a sign on the gate warning people to be aware Enter […]

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The Covid Blues.

The Covid Blues We’re all suffering from the Covid blues Listening to all the bad news People sick and can’t get a hospital bed So many infected, so many dead Confined to our homes, restrictions and rules Children study at home not in their schools Unable to get out in the cold and the rain […]

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The Great Paradox.

The Great Paradox. The stars swirl like drunken dancers As we look to the skies for the answers  And follow the cycle of the moon and stars Of the planets, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars While  the gods mock us for our pride and stupidity Scorn our weakness and mortality Not realising, that it is they, […]

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Have you Ever..

Have you Ever..  Have you ever danced in the summer rain To wash away the sorrow and pain Of your wounded and broken heart  Another shattered dream another false start Though your eyes shine brightly You shield the tears so bravely As you hide behind the smile And wear the jester’s mask for awhile You […]

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A Pale Winter’s Sun.

A  PALE WINTER’S SUN A pale winter’s sun casts long shadows Over stone walled fields of cairns and barrows The air from my breath turns to mist so fine I shiver, as if a freezing finger runs up my spine Like an ice cold finger of an ancestor long dead I feel their presence inside […]

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Boris and the Brexit Blues.

Boris and the Brexit Blues. Have you heard the latest news About Boris and the Brexit blues A “No deal “ Brexit is on the way We should have known it from the very first day The Brits had always intended to walk  No sincerity. No substance. All talk No qualms about breaking international laws   […]

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Away to the Wild Places.

Away to the Wild Places Our times has come, there is no turning   All around us, the world is burning The gates of the asylum have been thrown wide open The walls between sanity and the insane have been broken  Crumbling and tumbling to the ground Common sense can no longer be found  Our responsibilities […]

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