The Silent Whisper.

The Silent Whisper.   Silent Whispers from the caverns of my mind That elusive memory I struggle to find Deep in the dungeons , the darkest recesses As if from another lifetime or someone else’s   Silent Whispers in my ear that sigh  Like a beautiful butterfly, fluttering by Or the faintest touch of a […]

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Stranger Things.

Stranger Things.   Darryl O’Farrell was built like a barrel His chest was big and hairy He fell madly in love with Mary O‘Leary Who wasn’t bad looking but very contrary And could sing like a caged, constipated canary   Poor Mrs O’Shea didn’t realise her darling son was gay And was always dreaming of […]

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Seashore   A blustery day for a walk on the strand The wind whips up clouds of shimmering sand Stinging the eyes and tossing your hair While circling seagulls, their cries fill the air   A flurry of little wagtails, bob and weave  In a frantic effort to retrieve Hunting for little creatures and juicy […]

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The Art of Silliness.

The Art of Silliness – ( an exercise in just letting go, or an excuse for being lazy..)   Do you often wonder what it’s all about Spending hours and hours trying to figure it out Sitting there in deep contemplation About God and Life and the whole of creation   The wife is gone […]

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The Priest.

The Priest.   We never really knew the man, we barely knew the priest They said he came from Wexford or somewhere in the east He never spoke of his family or of his childhood days His past he kept to himself, securely locked away   He was patient, compassionate and always very kind A […]

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The Long Shadow of the Past.

The Long Shadow of the Past.   The long shadows of the past reach out   Filling our hearts with fear and doubt  Holding the present hostage and to ransom Like a child in the dark, terrified and lonesome   The bonfires rage, burning effigies of the pope A call to arms, the antipathy of hope […]

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