Ode to Jack Charlton.

Ode to Jack Charlton    Let’s hear it for Jack the lad The best manager we ever had He was blunt and opinionated that was for sure But at least our footballers knew how to score He was the boss, he suffered no fools To earn your place, you played by his rules No time […]

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I am ÉRIU.

I am Ériu. There was a time when the gods walked this land  Against whom, no mortal man could stand When even the bravest warrior, would tremble at my name Bards and poets would proclaim my fame   Honoured in music, song and dance Queens envied my beauty, Kings feared my glance And the Druids […]

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Troubled Times.

Troubled Times.   On the darkest night  You held me tight From the very start You held my heart Through troubled times and raging storm You kept me calm, safe and warm   A sanctuary for my fragile soul My sorrow and fears you did console Gently you held my hand And helped me to […]

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Tomorrow Is Another Day.

Tomorrow Is Another Day.   I stare at this blank page from a restless mind Waiting for the faintest inspiration, a hint of some kind Some days the words come so easily The images so vibrant, I can clearly see Others days, they will not reveal themselves and hide  Lurking on the edges, refusing to […]

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A Day Dreamer’s Diary.

A Day Dreamer’s Diary   I remember when I was young and so naive There was no limit to what I would believe There were so many things I wanted to be In my vivid imagination I could clearly see   Star trekking with Captain Kirk and the Enterprise Exploring worlds of danger, excitement and […]

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The Dancer.

The Dancer. A house full of memories and echoes of the past The fading sunlight, shadows on the ceiling cast Frozen moments caught in time and space Of another time another place   Silence now echoes down the hall A grandfather clock stands proud and tall  A sentinel standing guard for a century A silent […]

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Atishoo !

ATISHOO !   Atishoo ! Atishoo ! Pass me another man size tissue It’s that time of the year again When winter brings danger for all men   Colds and coughs and runny nose Frozen fingers and icy toes Splitting headaches and sore throats Wrap up well, woolly hats and warm coats   To the […]

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Just for a Moment.

Just for a Moment.   Just for a moment, I thought I saw your face There by the stall in the old market place My heart surged and skipped a beat Then you vanished into the crowded street   Were you really there or was it just an illusion Or had you escaped in all […]

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The Piano Tuner.

The Piano Tuner.   The  piano tuner called today So I sat in the corner, out of her way She pinged and she bonged for the whole afternoon By the time she was finished it was perfectly in tune   It was amazing to watch her, so much patience and skill With determination, persistence and […]

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