Atishoo !

ATISHOO !   Atishoo ! Atishoo ! Pass me another man size tissue It’s that time of the year again When winter brings danger for all men   Colds and coughs and runny nose Frozen fingers and icy toes Splitting headaches and sore throats Wrap up well, woolly hats and warm coats   To the […]

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Just for a Moment.

Just for a Moment.   Just for a moment, I thought I saw your face There by the stall in the old market place My heart surged and skipped a beat Then you vanished into the crowded street   Were you really there or was it just an illusion Or had you escaped in all […]

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The Piano Tuner.

The Piano Tuner.   The  piano tuner called today So I sat in the corner, out of her way She pinged and she bonged for the whole afternoon By the time she was finished it was perfectly in tune   It was amazing to watch her, so much patience and skill With determination, persistence and […]

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A Dream of Storms.

A Dream of Storms   A storm is coming, I can feel it on the breeze It whispers to the leaves and through the Dancing trees I smell it in the earth, so thirsty for the rain I hear it on the wind and I feel it in your pain In your soft murmurs, at […]

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The Clock is Ticking…

The Clock is Ticking…   The clock is ticking on the human race The consequences of our action we will have to face Like parasites we have bled our planet dry All life as we know it, will surely die   We have raped the earth for diamonds and gold  For precious metals our children’s […]

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A Dream Holiday.

A Dream Holiday   Ever since I was little I always wanted to go On a skiing holiday with lots and lots of snow I used to watch Ski Sunday on the BBC Oh how badly I wanted to be   One of those daredevils, so brave and so recklessly Swerving around every obstacle, pole […]

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Sanctuary and Memory.

Sanctuary and Memory.   Throw another log on the blazing fire Fill your glass with whatever you desire Come gather all around this old fireplace This home, this sanctuary, this sacred space Exchanging stories of bygone years Sharing memories of laughter and tears Of Christmas past and our childhood days Some half forgotten memories, in […]

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Shots Ring Out.

  Shots Ring Out.   Dealey Plaza and the Texas Book Depository  A day that would go down in history Sixth floor window. Shots ring out People begin to panic, point and shout Was it more than three  A lone gunman or conspiracy  The world watched in horror and held its breath The nightmare on […]

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