Just Another Day in A & E.

Just Another Day in  A & E. Do not panic, do not worry Do not rush over here in a hurry I just accidentally pressed my alarm I’m not hurt or in any harm I haven’t fallen and broken a bone I just forget to charge my phone My battery was running low My fumbling […]

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My Silly Red Hat.

My Silly Red Hat. My masters brought home a tree I thought that it was just for me  But when I cocked my leg to pee They reacted rather angrily  They said that I was being bold And then locked me out in the cold  Then that ugly fat bulldog from number 8 Stopped and […]

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A Light in the Darkness.

A Light in the Darkness. No matter where you roam Or how far you are from home No matter how far apart we have grown May you never feel all alone. Though many years have passed us by And you have not forgotten the reason why Nor forgiven me for words that made you cry […]

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A Mother’s Love.

A Mother’s Love. There were no marching bands to greet him The old railway station had never looked so grim An empty platform, there was no cheering crowd No shouts of bravado or of music played too loud No flags, no speeches. There was nothing to be seen It was as if it had never […]

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She Sings Her Songs for Me

She Sings Her Songs For Me The sound of water calls to my mind The source of this I feel compelled to find  Standing by a babbling stream Frozen for a moment as if in a dream Between worlds. Time outside Time Moving to a different Rhythm and Rhyme A symphony of sound so gentle […]

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How Softly the Wind Sighs.

How Softly the Wind Sighs How softly the wind sighs Like whispers of distant cries Carried on the faintest breeze From faraway lands, through skies and seas Words of warning for the ignorant and the wise As all around us the Earth slowly dies Where will you be, on that day ? When the Earth […]

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A Calling of the Clans.

A Calling of the Clans ! Awake ! Awake !  – Children of  Ériu The enemy is almost upon you ! There is Fire in the hills tonight The war beacons have been set alight As far as the naked eye can see From the jagged coast of  the Western sea  To the gentle slopes […]

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Tomorrow’s Child.

Tomorrow’s  Child. The old man sat in the shade His life time memories beginning to fade On his face, no emotions are betrayed While out in the sunshine his grandchildren played Chasing fluttering butterflies in excitement and glee Searching for ladybirds and caterpillars, so innocently Their chatter and laughter fills the air As he sits […]

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Death. Last night, Death paused briefly at my door Like a shadow He moved across the floor I felt the icy chill of his breath  I knew He had come, the Lord of Death As He passed, in silence and in stealth No fear, no terror nor fright I felt He paused for a moment, […]

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