Shades of Silver.

Shades of Silver   Silver light shimmers on waters, dark and deep Sparkling like tears, where angels softly weep On silver tipped waves, white horses ride Dancing on foam at the turn of the tide Diamonds that sparkle like stars in the night Flickering and twinkling in late evening light Shadow and light meet at […]

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Just Another Pawn.

This is a poem is a tribute to the men who fought and died in WW1 and war in general. To the ordinary men for their bravery and sacrifice. Just Another Pawn A blackbird’s song  A plaintiff cry The Angels weep in a blood red sky A moment of beauty in this wretched place A lonely […]

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We Have Forgotten.

One of my very first poems… We Have Forgotten. In a Cathedral Forest, in a sacred place Far away from the human race Trees whisper in a language long forgotten Now abandoned and betrayed by men The Rivers sigh but we do not listen In our arrogance we have forgotten Who and What we are. […]

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The Fool in the School.

This is just a tongue in cheek look at poetry. I still rarely read poetry or listen to recitals. My influence comes more from lyrics of songs of song writers like Dan Fogelberg , Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot and Chris De Burgh. Artist who paint a picture in your mind when you listen to their […]

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Storm Dancer.

One of my very first poems. again it doesn’t rhyme or follow my normal format, but I like it as it expresses my feeling of joy and exuberance at the time. STORM DANCER Just back from a walk,one happy dog and re invigorated man! a gale force,stormy day where the wind blows the cobwebs of the mind […]

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