Autumn Colours.

    Autumn colours splashed across a rustic canvas A carpet of leaves on footpath and grass A sharp breeze nudges and shakes A flurry of leaf fall like coloured snowflakes Russet and copper, pale green and brown Flutter for a moment then tumble down From palest yellow to deepest red It is time to […]

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TV or not TV.

  TV is on but there is nothing on Oh where have all the good shows gone ? Plastic people on panel shows The latest celeb whom nobody knows Daytime chat shows and drama queens Everyone’s a celebrity or so it seems Who’s divorcing who and who’s having a baby Mindless chatter and drivel drive […]

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The Long Journey Home.

THE LONG JOURNEY HOME.   A winter evening, darkness is falling My thoughts are of home and loved ones calling At the end of day, journey’s end Eager to see my faithful old friend As I gather my cloak tightly around me A bitter North wind bites sharply Howls and shrieks like some demon from […]

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The Forgotten.

The Forgotten   A sullen day, dark threatening skies A winters morning, a cold sunrise A bitter wind bites sharp and deep In Heaven above, the Angels weep For the Innocent child without a name For those banished souls, an eternity of shame No place in heaven can be found Just an unmarked grave, in […]

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A Meditation on Constipation.

A Meditation on Constipation   The doctor and nurses ask me the same old question With my bowels they seem to have an obsession I’m drinking water with great gusto and passion Devouring laxatives as if they’re going out of fashion Then back to the loo and resume my mission To meditate in my seated […]

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Fly Away My Butterfly.

  Fly Away My Butterfly   Like a butterfly caught in the breeze You said your dreams you had to seize Those dreams, you said, did not include me I could not hold you , so I set you free But I had built my dreams around you I thought our love was strong and […]

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