The Fool in the School.

This is just a tongue in cheek look at poetry. I still rarely read poetry or listen to recitals. My influence comes more from lyrics of songs of song writers like Dan Fogelberg , Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot and Chris De Burgh. Artist who paint a picture in your mind when you listen to their […]

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Storm Dancer.

One of my very first poems. again it doesn’t rhyme or follow my normal format, but I like it as it expresses my feeling of joy and exuberance at the time. STORM DANCER Just back from a walk,one happy dog and re invigorated man! a gale force,stormy day where the wind blows the cobwebs of the mind […]

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The Invisible Man.

The Invisible Man A crow takes flight with a loud cry Dark shadows circle against a leaden sky A bitter cold wind bites both man and beast From faraway lands in the frozen North-East A warning of more severe weather on the way On a grey and sullen, cold winter’s day   Huddled and shivering […]

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Life is but a Gamble.

  Life is but a Gamble Life is but a gamble As on the path of life we amble As we make our way By night and by day Through the good times and the bad The joyful and the sad Through sunshine and the rain The laughter and the pain All our worries and […]

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The Morning Grouch.

The morning grouch Early to bed and early to rise Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise Or so they say, I don’t agree This early morning style is not for me Early morning people drive me mad I really think they are so sad It just isn’t natural to be that happy To be […]

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The Old Music Box

The Old Music Box   An old jewellery box gathers dust on a shelf Forgotten and abandoned among old books and delft What treasures and memories inside can be found Figures on a music box go round and around Two dancers, perhaps a husband and wife Embraced and entwined in the dance of life I […]

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