Dear God.

Dear God

Dear GOD, I know you must be very busy

To notice a little girl  like me

Or to listen to my troubles and fears

And hear my prayers and see my tears 

Every night when I kneel and pray

I thank you for all the good things you sent today

For helping Daddy to get through another day

And little by little making his pain go away

He doesn’t seem to notice me anymore

He hardly speaks to me like before

Or tell me jokes that make me laugh and giggle

Or tickle me until I nearly piddle

I miss his bright, big, beautiful smile

Granny says it will take awhile

Just be patient and pray to God above

To mend his broken heart with Love

Before Mummy had to go away

He used to have the time to play

Oh how I miss my Mummy

And my little brother still in her tummy

Dear God, I hope they are with you now

And that they know I love them somehow

And help me make Daddy better

That is why I am writing  you this letter.

C Denis Murphy 14 February 2022.

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