Have you Ever..

Have you Ever..  Have you ever danced in the summer rain To wash away the sorrow and pain Of your wounded and broken heart  Another shattered dream another false start Though your eyes shine brightly You shield the tears so bravely As you hide behind the smile And wear the jester’s mask for awhile You […]

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A Pale Winter’s Sun.

A  PALE WINTER’S SUN A pale winter’s sun casts long shadows Over stone walled fields of cairns and barrows The air from my breath turns to mist so fine I shiver, as if a freezing finger runs up my spine Like an ice cold finger of an ancestor long dead I feel their presence inside […]

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Boris and the Brexit Blues.

Boris and the Brexit Blues. Have you heard the latest news About Boris and the Brexit blues A “No deal “ Brexit is on the way We should have known it from the very first day The Brits had always intended to walk  No sincerity. No substance. All talk No qualms about breaking international laws   […]

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Away to the Wild Places.

Away to the Wild Places Our times has come, there is no turning   All around us, the world is burning The gates of the asylum have been thrown wide open The walls between sanity and the insane have been broken  Crumbling and tumbling to the ground Common sense can no longer be found  Our responsibilities […]

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The Shining Ones.

The Shining Ones. The Iron mountain stands mysterious and aloof With banks of cloud across it’s hidden roof Like ghostly tendrils they seem to reach Where no mortal eye can breach As if paying homage to Gods of old In the myths and the legends  that are still told Of heroes and warriors, battles and […]

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2020 – A Strange Year.

2020 – A Strange Year. Well here we are, it’s been a strange year With Covid -19 still causing panic and fear With so many deaths So much sorrow and regrets Life will never be the same Until this pandemic we can tame Tough decisions we will have to take And many a sacrifice we […]

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The Fallen Leader.

The Fallen Leader A few armed men lay in wait  They were tired of waiting, it was getting late As they peered from behind a road blockade Their deadly plans had been carefully made A motorcycle scout could be seen from afar A crossley tender and an armoured car  A touring car with the Big […]

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