Away to the Wild Places.

Away to the Wild Places

Our times has come, there is no turning 

 All around us, the world is burning

The gates of the asylum have been thrown wide open

The walls between sanity and the insane have been broken 

Crumbling and tumbling to the ground

Common sense can no longer be found 

Our responsibilities we have cast aside

But from the consequences we can not hide

We have made this world a toxic place

Betrayed and defiled by the human race

Our pride and vanity gone up in flames 

While politicians play their riddles and games

Some posture while others panic

Rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic

They have lead us to the sacrificial fire 

And cast the bones of humanity upon the funeral pyre

A president who thinks he knows All things

Like Nero of old he fiddles and sings

While the walls of sanity, come tumbling down

The jester plays the foolish clown

Leading the people as if in a trance

Distracting us with his merry dance

And promises of glittering, shiny things 

While the puppet master pulls the strings

Away to the wild places I must go

Far from this madness we have come to know

Oh to stand again with the wind in my hair

To breathe again that soul cleansing air

And the tingling of sunshine on my skin

To feel once again, the spirit within

Recharged and invigorated 

Reborn and Rejuvenated.

C. Denis Murphy 07 October  2020.

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