2020 – A Strange Year.

2020 – A Strange Year.

Well here we are, it’s been a strange year

With Covid -19 still causing panic and fear

With so many deaths

So much sorrow and regrets

Life will never be the same

Until this pandemic we can tame

Tough decisions we will have to take

And many a sacrifice we will have to make

We have to change and compromise

And not be fooled by our own ignorance and lies

Those half baked truths and dangerous fake news

Our attitudes and our opinionated views

People cry about their loss of freedom and liberty

Their rights and democracy

Claiming it’s all just a great conspiracy

So self absorbed in their selfish fantasy

They forget their responsibility

To the weak, the disabled and the elderly

Their lives do not matter, we need to save our economy 

We have to keep our empires going, making lots of money

How can we survive without our stocks and shares 

About the vulnerable, who really cares

Collateral damage, acceptable losses, whatever

Averous and greed are as infectious as ever

Tell that to the heart broken, lonely widows

Who are left all alone in the evening shadows

That moment of contamination they will always regret

That moment that changed their world, they will never forget

You claim that you have the right not to wear a mask

Well let me put this question to you and ask

Do I not have the right to LIFE

My family, my children and my wife

Where and when did you lose your humanity

Your sympathy and  empathy

How did it come to this state of play

Where “My Rights” trump your welfare any day

If life as we know it, is to survive

For the millions of people left alive

There is now a new reality we must face

The World is such a different place..

C Denis Murphy 09 September 2020.

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