A Heart Once Broken.

  A Heart Once Broken  – (poem version)   Sometimes, I still think of you and me The way things were and used to be When I hear that song we used to sing On that old guitar, I used to bring Broken dreams and bitter tears With the passing of so many years Remind […]

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Memory and Shadow.

Memory and  Shadow Dancing shadows on the wall Spinning and weaving, down the hall Grotesque yet beautiful, they fire the imagination Poetry and saga, songs and inspiration Of monsters and demons and fearsome beast Heroes and dragons, and tales from the East Filling the children with excitement and dread Cowering beneath blanket, tucked up in […]

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Deep in the Garden.

  Deep in the Garden   The song of the blackbird brings joy to my heart A magical spell, it casts from the start Plaintiff and lonely, such magic it weaves Deep in the Garden, bough, branch and leaves A robin chirps sharply from an old apple tree A warning to others, this is his […]

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The Costa Girls

The Costa Girls   The girls at Costa, have saved my life They make the best coffee, according to my wife She has become so addicted to caffeine you see She must have a cup or two of her favorite coffee Or for the rest of the day, she’ll be grumpy and tense Conversation is […]

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Darkness Falls.

Darkness Falls   Darkness falls on a silent world, Like a pitch black banner, hoisted and unfurled Across the skies, streaked pink and grey Beyond the edge of another day Under a blanket of darkest lead The Sun lays down in a crimson bed And dreams of Moon and stars so bright In monochrome and […]

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