From A Distant Shore. Like a wave crashing upon countless shores A wild winter’s wind rages and roars  Leaving debris strewn across rocks and sand Creating patterns we can not understand Neither decipher nor read Rock and stone, pebbles and sea weed From ancient and forgotten places they hale Scattered seashells, sand and shale Each […]

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Last of the Leprechauns !

Last of the Leprechauns ! Have you ever met a Leprechaun ? I did once, he told me his name was Seán Surely you have heard of them in tales of old Of their riches and wealth and their elusive crocks of gold They can leave you with a blessing or a curse You never […]

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The Hound of Ulster.

THE HOUND OF ULSTER. When Setanta was a young boy A hurling stick was his favourite toy He practised long and hard each day Learning the skills of the warrior’s way A hero, a legend, he would come to be A life of bloody battles, pain and tragedy The royal blacksmith Culainn, was hosting a […]

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Another Fool.

 Another Fool. I should have known from the very start That you would be the one, to break my heart You held me captive from the moment we first met Oh how could I ever forget  The first time I saw you standing there Running your fingers through your long dark hair The way you […]

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The Dark of the Moon.

The Dark of the Moon. The Silver Queen arises and wakes  Her celestial journey she undertakes Once again, from the dark of the moon  She dances in harmony and in tune A new moon will rise tomorrow night Gradually changing from darkness to light As she moves through the phases to first quarter Faint flickers […]

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A Minstrel on the Wing.

I have been through Heaven and Hell And lived with many tales to tell Few could imagine, the wonders I have seen Or the joyful places I have been Nor have they felt the sorrow and the pain Of the wind and the storms and the winter rain Or the beauty of morning sunlight, glinting […]

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