A Dream Holiday.

A Dream Holiday   Ever since I was little I always wanted to go On a skiing holiday with lots and lots of snow I used to watch Ski Sunday on the BBC Oh how badly I wanted to be   One of those daredevils, so brave and so recklessly Swerving around every obstacle, pole […]

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Sanctuary and Memory.

Sanctuary and Memory.   Throw another log on the blazing fire Fill your glass with whatever you desire Come gather all around this old fireplace This home, this sanctuary, this sacred space Exchanging stories of bygone years Sharing memories of laughter and tears Of Christmas past and our childhood days Some half forgotten memories, in […]

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Shots Ring Out.

  Shots Ring Out.   Dealey Plaza and the Texas Book Depository  A day that would go down in history Sixth floor window. Shots ring out People begin to panic, point and shout Was it more than three  A lone gunman or conspiracy  The world watched in horror and held its breath The nightmare on […]

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The Mists of Time.

The Mists of Time.   The mists of time and sense of place Can sometimes merge just in that space The thin veil and barriers, so difficult to breach Just beyond our furthest reach Tantalize and tease, in a dreamlike trance Soul and tribal memories, in the shadows dance In the memories and hearts of […]

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Today a Cat..

Today a Cat..   Today it was my cat you killed You must be very happy and so thrilled Tomorrow perhaps a neighbour’s child ? With your speed, so reckless and so wild You just left him there, didn’t even stop to check Shrugged your shoulders  – oh what the heck. After all it was […]

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Keepers of the Light.

Keepers of the Light   A ring of light around our rugged shores On battered coast, raging thunder roars In angry seas and storms from hell They have kept travellers safe and well   Seafarers and sailors, fishermen too Saved by a beacon of light shining through Coastal fog, sea mist and spray Through darkest […]

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A Poem about Poetry.

A Poem about Poetry.   People often ask me where I get my inspiration I tell them I don’t know, but probably my imagination Some days it can be easier, I just go with the flow While others are more of a struggle, it’s difficult to know…   Lack of expression can often be so […]

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