The Shining Ones.

The Shining Ones. The Iron mountain stands mysterious and aloof With banks of cloud across it’s hidden roof Like ghostly tendrils they seem to reach Where no mortal eye can breach As if paying homage to Gods of old In the myths and the legends  that are still told Of heroes and warriors, battles and […]

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2020 – A Strange Year.

2020 – A Strange Year. Well here we are, it’s been a strange year With Covid -19 still causing panic and fear With so many deaths So much sorrow and regrets Life will never be the same Until this pandemic we can tame Tough decisions we will have to take And many a sacrifice we […]

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The Fallen Leader.

The Fallen Leader A few armed men lay in wait  They were tired of waiting, it was getting late As they peered from behind a road blockade Their deadly plans had been carefully made A motorcycle scout could be seen from afar A crossley tender and an armoured car  A touring car with the Big […]

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Grasping at Shadows.

Grasping at Shadows.. Come on over here and sit for awhile It’s been some time.  I’ve missed your gentle smile Tell me all that has happened since I saw you last And I’ll tell you some stories from the distant past Some days they seem like dreams, not real at all Like long forgotten memories, […]

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Shattered Memories.

  Shattered Memories    Shattered remnants of a half remembered dream From a different reality, yet so real they seem  Like faded voices on the breeze Haunted echoes of forgotten memories    Those half forgotten memories Reach out to grasp and seize In a vain attempt to have us believe But serve only to confuse […]

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Ode to Jack Charlton.

Ode to Jack Charlton    Let’s hear it for Jack the lad The best manager we ever had He was blunt and opinionated that was for sure But at least our footballers knew how to score He was the boss, he suffered no fools To earn your place, you played by his rules No time […]

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I am ÉRIU.

I am Ériu. There was a time when the gods walked this land  Against whom, no mortal man could stand When even the bravest warrior, would tremble at my name Bards and poets would proclaim my fame   Honoured in music, song and dance Queens envied my beauty, Kings feared my glance And the Druids […]

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