A Grumpy Christmas Fairy

A Grumpy Christmas Fairy   Christmas time comes around so fast In that starring role I am once again cast They take me out of my box once a year About my vertigo, they really do not care And place me on the very top of the tree Where I feel a little sick and […]

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Shadow Dancers.

Shadow Dancers   Silver moon peers through clouded veil Casting soft light on clouds that trail Across a canvas of darkening skies Silence shattered by harsh and eerie cries Ghostly shapes appear in half-light Ravens return home to roost for the night Like shadow dancers they circle and weave So graceful at times, it is […]

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No One to Remember.

No one to Remember.   A frosty morning, a bright winter’s day A ray of sunlight down a dusty hallway Shining through cobwebs, cracked windows and doors Casting shadows and shapes on the old wooden floors The old house is now hollow and empty Once there was life and laughter apenty Where family once gathered […]

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Shades of Silver.

Shades of Silver   Silver light shimmers on waters, dark and deep Sparkling like tears, where angels softly weep On silver tipped waves, white horses ride Dancing on foam at the turn of the tide Diamonds that sparkle like stars in the night Flickering and twinkling in late evening light Shadow and light meet at […]

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Just Another Pawn.

This is a poem is a tribute to the men who fought and died in WW1 and war in general. To the ordinary men for their bravery and sacrifice. Just Another Pawn A blackbird’s song  A plaintiff cry The Angels weep in a blood red sky A moment of beauty in this wretched place A lonely […]

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