Have you Ever..

Have you Ever.. 

Have you ever danced in the summer rain

To wash away the sorrow and pain

Of your wounded and broken heart 

Another shattered dream another false start

Though your eyes shine brightly

You shield the tears so bravely

As you hide behind the smile

And wear the jester’s mask for awhile

You dare not reveal

How you truly feel. 

Have you ever stood upon a jagged clifftop

Waiting for the storm around you to stop

The wild wind tossing and tussling your hair

The world around you dances without a care 

Below white horses roll and tumble 

While the dark clouds above you rumble

Cloaked in mist and salty spray

To cleanse and wipe your tears away.

Grateful that no one can see you cry

Or ask you why. 

Have you ever listened to the robin sing

Or the song of the skylark on the wing

Or the blackbird’s shrill warning cries

A symphony in the early morning skies

Heralding the light of a brand new day

As the darkness in your soul fades away

A song of hope in your heart re ignites

To drive away your darkest days and nights

And once again you rise to meet 

A world of possibilities laid at your feet .

C Denis Murphy 21 December 2020.

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