The Old Haunted House.

The Old Haunted House.

No one would visit them, in the old haunted house

Not even a stray cat or a little brown mouse

The ghosts were feeling lonely having frightened everyone away

People would rarely visit now, even by day

There was even a sign on the gate warning people to be aware

Enter at your own peril, if you dare!

So they decided to throw a party and to invite one and all

An evening of music and dancing, a grand ball

Like in the good old days of yore

The guests would be queueing at the door

So happy and thrilled to be invited in

Waiting excitedly for the party to begin

The twins could make delicious soup for a start

Grandma would make her famous rhubarb tart

Scones and cakes they could easily bake

A large sherry trifle or even a chocolate cake

For the main course her favourite, Irish stew

There would  be a barrel of Uncle Bob’s special home brew

But the best laid plans often fail

And here comes the twist In our ghostly tale

The local teenage tearaways were planning an event too

A lot more than a  bit of a do

A rave party on Halloween

In a quiet old house where they wouldn’t be seen

A perfect location for drink, drugs or just to hang out

Where they could party hard, scream and shout

And play their rap music way too loud

The gathering grew until it became a massive crowd

The flashing lights and thumping sounds

Shook the old house and the grounds

More and more humans were coming through the door

The poor ghosts just couldn’t take any more

They fled in terror grabbing any thing they could find

Almost leaving poor Uncle Bob behind

They just caught the last train heading for the coast

In this modern world it’s tough being a ghost !

C Denis Murphy 12 January 2021.

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