In the Deep Dark of the Bitter Night.

In the Deep Dark of the Bitter Night.

In the deep dark of the bitter night 

Far from the sanctuary of the new dawn’s light

Another sleepless night of worries and dread

From the thoughts running riot Inside your head

You toss and turn but can find no ease

The promise of sleep just torments and tease

The shadows suffocate you in blanket of despair

Your demons gather strength and reappear.

Even your dreams are filled with fears

Ready to betray you and become nightmares

From the thoughts and worries that besiege your brain

Until you find that sacred place to shield you from the pain

To protect and hide from your worries and fears

A sanctuary to shield you from your sorrows and cares

As the ticking clock counts the hours away

Until the light of a brand new day.

C. Denis Murphy 03 January 2021.

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