Boris and the Brexit Blues.

Boris and the Brexit Blues.

Have you heard the latest news

About Boris and the Brexit blues

A “No deal “ Brexit is on the way

We should have known it from the very first day

The Brits had always intended to walk 

No sincerity. No substance. All talk

No qualms about breaking international laws  

Ignoring protocol when it suits their cause

Flouting  any treaties they have signed and agreed

Not an inch will they concede 

A lust for former glory and much more

Rule Britannia we will strive to restore

We don’t need the bonds of Brussels’s chains

Breaking free from their standards and restrains

Travel restrictions and worker’s rights

Lower pay for longer hours, days and nights

Freedom of movement we will control

Stop those foreigners from claiming the dole

That will stop them from coming over

We will send them back when they land in Dover

Years of talking gone down the drain

All that money spent on journeys by plane 

Wasted hours, months and years

Of anger, frustration and bitter tears

Time, that could have been better used

Precious resources not squandered and abused

Like steps to tackle climate change and global warming

The misery and plight of the displaced and the starving 

Refugees and asylum seekers. Humanity is in crisis

Leading to the growing threat of terrorism and ISIS

Not to mention a worldwide pandemic

So many have died, so many are sick

While the “ Emperor” of a once “great” nation

Stands naked in delusion and self adoration

Cheering and devours every word he tweets

The mindless mob running  riot on city streets

Declaring that it is their right not to wear a mask

Is it really too much to ask

While the homeless huddle and seek shelter in the shadows

Just another set of problems to add to our woes.

C  Denis Murphy 19 October 2020.

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