The Great Paradox.

The Great Paradox.

The stars swirl like drunken dancers

As we look to the skies for the answers 

And follow the cycle of the moon and stars

Of the planets, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars

While  the gods mock us for our pride and stupidity

Scorn our weakness and mortality

Not realising, that it is they, who are our creation

A figment of our powerful imagination

Endowing them with our human traits excessively

Great acts of kindness and unspeakable cruelty

Love and hatred, generosity and greed 

To fulfill our social and psychological need

A pantheon of gods and heroes, trials and tribulations

Forged in the theatre of our imaginations

As If on a great stage, in tragedies and dramas

And act out our dilemmas in myths and sagas

We create our own gods and our reality

As we seek to understand our humanity

But this is the great paradox you see

They are also real because we believe them to be.

C. Denis Murphy 06 January 2021.

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