The Simplest Thing

The Simplest Thing.   It’s a wet and windy, winter’s day Outside, the trees dance and sway Like restless ghosts in the wind and rain Raindrops rage against the window pane Then slowly slide and trickle down ‘til They come to rest on the windowsill The glowering light catches each raindrop Like a string of […]

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Time to Change that Keg.

Time to Change that Keg.   I drain my glass, the very last drop A faint of trace of cream still clings to the top A good pint, I think I’ll have another A wise man once told me – I think it was my brother That you should always drink an even number It […]

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Ode to Oscar

Ode to Oscar   He is gone now, my faithful friend I held him close to the very end He is now beyond any sorrow or pain My walking companion through sunshine and rain Through storms and sullen clouds of grey To blue skies on a midsummer’s day On misty mornings down by the river […]

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Death.   Last night, Death, paused briefly at my door Like a shadow He moved across the floor I felt the icy chill of his breath I knew He had come, the Lord of Death As He passed In silence and in stealth No fear, no terror nor fright I felt He paused for a […]

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Who Cares for the Carer ?

Who Cares for the Carer ?   She spends her nights and days Showing her love in so many ways That gentle touch That says so much In selfless acts and unconditional love An iron hand in velvet glove In a constant battle against the tide Her worries and fears she tries to hide The […]

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