In a Split Second.

In a Split Second. She had only popped out for some milk for her tea “I won’t be long”, she called, “I’ll be back in a jiffy” “I’ll be back in no time at all”. A loving mother’s last words, echo down the hall He was anxious to collect his pension before it got too […]

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The Village Fool (part one).

The Village Fool. On a wet and windy winter’s day Wrapped in a blanket in the church doorway No one knew who had placed him there  A scribbled note simply said, “Simon, please take care.” Perhaps his parents have passed in the “Great Sickness”. An only child, left alone in the darkness The village elders […]

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God Exists..

God Exists.  God exists so that we may shift the blame To justify the bloody deeds, committed in His name  While bishops and priests, their dogma peddle And in our affairs, constantly meddle.  Preaching their doctrine of sorrow and gloom Prayer and pain, terror and doom The only way to Heaven, is through penance and […]

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Like A Suffocating Blanket.

Like A Suffocating Blanket. It clings to me like a parasite  Insidious, it watches by day and by night  Every thought, every move, every waking hour But I have learned to find my power From deep inside the fire still burns Despite all the emotional twists and turns   I feed the flame of resistance and […]

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A Fisherman of Words.

A Fisherman of Words. They come to me like drunken butterflies That dance and flash before my eyes Images, imagined and yet so real I can reach out and almost feel. A word, a phrase, a half forgotten line It may not even be one of mine Of a half forgotten dream Or some long […]

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A Crimson Sky.

A Crimson Sky. A blood soaked dawn, a crimson sky A new day dawns, how many more will die As Truth and Honesty dies  Suffocated by Propaganda and Lies To feed the fantasy of another Megalomaniac We can not look away and turn our back A church bell tolls For the departed souls Another hungry […]

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A Soft Day.

 A Soft Day.  Looking down into a forest on a soft wet day.  The drizzle and mist hung like a magical display Mysterious and mystical, a world shrouded in grey A shaft of sunlight, a solitary golden ray. Slowly, I took a walk through the trees and rolling mist My feet barely touching, where sunlight […]

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Dear God.

Dear God Dear GOD, I know you must be very busy To notice a little girl  like me Or to listen to my troubles and fears And hear my prayers and see my tears  Every night when I kneel and pray I thank you for all the good things you sent today For helping Daddy […]

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