She Sings Her Songs for Me

She Sings Her Songs For Me

The sound of water calls to my mind

The source of this I feel compelled to find 

Standing by a babbling stream

Frozen for a moment as if in a dream

Between worlds. Time outside Time

Moving to a different Rhythm and Rhyme

A symphony of sound so gentle and sweet

But such power I can feel from head to feet

Giggling and gurgling, staggering and stumbling 

Rushing and falling, tripping and tumbling

Over rock and pebble, boulder and stone

Every tinkle, every timbre and every tone

She sings her songs for me

Of secret worlds of myth and mystery

Of worlds long forgotten or have never been

Of wonders no human child has ever seen

She sings to me, of joy and laughter

Of Earth and Fire.Of Wind and Water

So gentle and so graceful

So playful and yet so powerful

A gentle breeze ripples through my hair

Bringing the faintest of whispers to my ear

Then softly rustles through the trees 

Nudging, encouraging the dancing leaves

A loving caress from Nature’s soul

To remind us of our vital role

And the choice we make to create or destroy

A world full of sorrow or a world full of joy.

C Denis Murphy 18 October 2021.

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