Remember When You Used To Dance ?

Remember When You Used to Dance ?

Don’t just sit there or you’ll vegetate

Get that body moving before it’s too late

Though your legs feels like lumps of lead

And you’d rather be tucked up in bed

You have no energy, you’ve run out of fuel

Take it easy,  just relax, stay cool

Watch your step count to three

Don’t worry even if you move slowly

Take larger steps, watch your balance

Remember when you used to dance

Counting footsteps along the hall

If you need to rest, lean against the wall

When you freeze and can not move

Like an old record player stuck in a groove

Stuck in a doorway or at the garden gate

Stop for a moment, then transfer your weight

One step at a time, you’re doing just fine

Use that mark and step across the line

Stand up, sit down, turn around

Lift those feet up off the ground

As high as you can

Well done, good man

Have another drink and take a deep breath

Don’t worry, you’ll get there yet !

C. Denis  Murphy 24 October 2021.

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