A Light in the Darkness.

A Light in the Darkness.

No matter where you roam

Or how far you are from home

No matter how far apart we have grown

May you never feel all alone.

Though many years have passed us by

And you have not forgotten the reason why

Nor forgiven me for words that made you cry

Or the pain that sometimes makes you sigh.

I will be there, a shoulder to cry on

When your fair weather friends have all gone

And left you to face your troubles on your own

I will be here, to pick up the phone.

I will light a candle and place it on the windowsill

A twinkling star to comfort you, if you’re feeling ill

A little spark of hope to keep you safe and sound

And help to keep your feet on safe and solid ground

A strong wind to steer you safely and fill your sails

To guard you from the storms and the gathering gales

To shield you from your fears and frightening tales

A light in the darkness when all hope fails.

C. Denis Murphy 03 December 2021.

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