How Softly the Wind Sighs.

How Softly the Wind Sighs

How softly the wind sighs

Like whispers of distant cries

Carried on the faintest breeze

From faraway lands, through skies and seas

Words of warning for the ignorant and the wise

As all around us the Earth slowly dies

Where will you be, on that day ?

When the Earth stands still and we fade away

When God decides to clear his brain

To cleanse his mind of the hurt and pain

Of his disappointment in the race of men

Who have betrayed him again and again

Brought forth from his infinite imagination

Those charged to care for his beautiful creation

To nurture and cherish this garden of Eden

But there is a darkness in the hearts of men

And the urge to taint, consume and destroy 

All that is beautiful and brings pleasure and joy

The Gift of Life, such a wonderful possibility 

We declined to accept our responsibility

The Day of Reckoning will soon arrive

When we as a life form, can no longer survive

Time to exit, to leave the stage 

To close the book, we have reached the last page.

C Denis Murphy 27 October 2021.

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