A Calling of the Clans.

A Calling of the Clans !

Awake ! Awake !  – Children of  Ériu

The enemy is almost upon you !

There is Fire in the hills tonight

The war beacons have been set alight

As far as the naked eye can see

From the jagged coast of  the Western sea 

To the gentle slopes of the Eastern shore

The calm before the battle roar

Arise ! Arise ! – Sons of Eireann, our enemy is at the door

Like their accursed fathers, many times before

The hordes of a foreign king have come

They march in time to the battle drum

Like a rabid pack of hunting hounds they thunder

A raging storm, come to pillage and plunder

To take our lands, our cattle and our lives

Our beer, our whiskey and ravish our wives.

We will march once again to meet the savage foe

And our children’s children will know

Of our heroes and bravery they will tell

And sing songs to honour those who fell

Of the terrible sacrifices made this day

To bring death to strangers from lands far away 

To feel the passion in our hearts, through songs and poetry

So that our bodies and minds and our people may be free.

C . Denis Murphy 08 October 2021.

Note : Ériu is associated with the Earth Goddess, one of the legendary Tuatha De Danann, a race who once ruled the island of Ireland, from whom it gets it’s name. Éire or Éireann in Irish, in English Ire-land from old Norse Viking and Germanic tribes like the Saxons Angles and Jutes who invaded Britain but failed to conquer Ireland.

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