And When your Dreams Turn to Dust

And When your Dreams Turn to Dust.

If only, could have and should have –  are all you can say

The aspirations of yesterday become the regrets of today

And when your dreams lie broken and shattered

Leaving you confused and scattered

The four winds whisper and sigh

And you ask yourself why oh why ?

Your dreams once so vivid and bright

Just fade away like the evening light

We squander our time in remorse and regret

A constant reminder lest we forget

Of man’s immaturity, foolishness and pride

But from the truth we can not hide

The past we regret, the future we fear

And sacrifice the present as if it’s not here

And when we fall, we may struggle to rise 

A little more weary and a little more wise

And when your dreams turn to dust 

And hope has faded, but carry on you must

To stand and face our worries and woes

To laugh in the faces of our troubles and foes

Our dreams may not have turned out as perceived

And what we wished for,  was not received

But gifts we did, were those we needed

Perhaps our prayers were truly answered.

C Denis Murphy 05 March 2021.

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