Another Fool.

 Another Fool.

I should have known from the very start

That you would be the one, to break my heart

You held me captive from the moment we first met

Oh how could I ever forget 

The first time I saw you standing there

Running your fingers through your long dark hair

The way you moved so gracefully

That shy half glance as you noticed me

I know now that I should have walked away 

And I would come to regret this day

That sparkle in your eyes, that half smile

 Knowing that I could only resist for awhile

Holding me captive, almost hypnotized

The light in your eyes had me mesmerized 

But you had me from that first half glance

I should have known better, but I asked you to dance

A prisoner to your beauty and feminine charms

I could have held you forever, in my arms

That smile, that look, those tempting lips 

That rhythmic dance, the sway of your hips

As I held you close as we moved so slow 

Afraid to hold you tighter, afraid to let you go

But alas, it was not to be

You could not share your love just with me

Like a honey bee, from flower to flower

Intoxicated by your seductive power

The heat of the hunt, the thrill of the chase

With your feigned innocence and Angelic face

To you, love was a one way street

A trail broken hearts lay at your feet

You soon lost interest in your prey

Another fool,  broken hearted and cast away

A little give and a lot of take

A serious commitment you could not make

You needed more than I could give

But the lies and deception, I find so hard to forgive

A weaver of promises and intangible dreams

A victim of your deceitful  and calculating schemes

So cleverly crafted, woven and concealed 

Until too late, the truth revealed 

So I had break free before it was too late

A moment longer I could not wait

My shattered dreams and illusions were beyond repair

And all my plans and hopes had turned to despair

Searching for that sacred place deep inside

To heal my broken heart, my wounded pride

Cocooned in my chrysalis, my Sanctuary

Reborn again, stronger and free.

C Denis Murphy 31 May 2021.

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