The Song of the Wind Chime.

The Song of the Wind Chime.

A blanket of snow lay on the ground

A hushed silence for miles around

As if the world has forgotten to speak

Except for a chime so faint and so weak

A soft breath of wind catches an old wind chime

Caressing it gently, a memory of another time

Like a ripple of laughter, caught on the breeze

It lingers for a moment to play and to tease

Once the object of awe and fascination

A wonder to a child’s mind and imagination 

A simple pleasure for all to hear

Sadly not appreciated for many a year

Now long abandoned and forgotten 

Half hidden by branches in an overgrown garden

Many leaves have fallen and seasons have passed

The years have gone by some slowly, some fast

The child has long since grown and left

And tears of both sorrow and joy have been wept

The world moves faster with little time to stop and listen

Seduced in the search for things that glitter and glisten

But sometimes I hear it in the fluttering breeze

An echo in my mind, a memory to please

As the passing breeze just carries it along

A never ending symphony. An ever changing song.

C Denis Murphy 13 February 2021.

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