Grasping at Shadows.

Grasping at Shadows..

Come on over here and sit for awhile

It’s been some time.  I’ve missed your gentle smile

Tell me all that has happened since I saw you last

And I’ll tell you some stories from the distant past

Some days they seem like dreams, not real at all

Like long forgotten memories, too difficult to recall

No matter how hard we try or do or say

Some days, they seem so elusive, so far away

Grasping at shadows, only to be denied

They bob and weave like flotsam upon the tide

And come and go, with the ebb and flo

Were they real or fantasy, impossible to know.

No concept of time and space

No recollection of a name or a face

When the mind wanders where does it go ?

To the place of memories and dreams of long ago.

“Away with the Fairies” – they used to say

Alzheimer’s or dementia they call it today

So many people suffer from this disease

Playing tricks with the mind and memories.

Some days are good, some days are bad

Some memories are happy, some are so sad

The present and the past often become entwined

Such are the mysteries and wonders of the mind.

For family and friends it can be so sad

As they remember you and  the good times they had

So make the most of your time,  making memories today

Because you never know when they will fade away.

C Denis Murphy 01 August 2020.

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