Stolen Friends and Broken Hearts.

Stolen Friends and Broken Hearts

They crawl from town to town like sneaking rats

In their  hi-ace vans, stealing dogs and cats

Waiting for the chance to meet

In a garden or in the street

Some poor unsuspecting dog left unsupervised

Their trade in misery is to be despised 

For the loving owners they just don’t care

Bold as brass, they have no fear

To them he’s just an item to be sold

They don’t care whether it’s young or old

How could they act with such cruelty

A young child’s precious pet, a heartbroken family 

Or that lonely  old man, robbed of his only companion

Ripped from his life without a thought of compassion

A faithful friend, who had shared so many years

They have left a trail of heartbreak and tears

To the highest bidder they will sell

Condemning those poor animals to a life of hell

To cruel dog breeders or a puppy farm

Helpless creatures who never did any harm

All for a fistful of Euros or a few measly pounds

Bets on how long  they will survive, how many rounds

They have no feelings, no soul, no humanity

How can they live with such savagery

So be vigilant and alert, don’t let your guard down

Who knows when these foul creatures will visit your town

Any strange cars or vans seen visiting local farmyards

Report any suspicious activity, to the local guards

Or any strangers lurking by that garden wall

Don’t leave it to others to make that call

Your actions could save lives and years of misery

And help stop this horrible cruel industry

So next time you are offered a darling little puppy

Remember that it may have a sorrowful history

To the people that support this trade

Think about the decisions you have made

For the blood on your hands you will dearly pay

You will get all that you deserve, some day

A serious injury or become terminally ill

God may forgive you, but I never will.

C. Denis Murphy 28 July 2020.

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