Shattered Memories.


Shattered Memories 


Shattered remnants of a half remembered dream

From a different reality, yet so real they seem 

Like faded voices on the breeze

Haunted echoes of forgotten memories 


Those half forgotten memories

Reach out to grasp and seize

In a vain attempt to have us believe

But serve only to confuse and deceive


Phantoms and illusions of the past

Vague shadows on the wall they cast

Elusive, they flicker and turn and twist

Like illicit lovers longing to be kissed


Whispers in the wind that cry

Gathering secrets as they pass by

Secrets lost as we seek to reveal

Truth or were they ever real ?


Listen to both the foolish and the wise

For somewhere in between you will find a compromise

In those fragments of those scattered dreams 

Of childish and foolish schemes


Like fallen snow

They come and go

Like fallen leaves, they will fade away

Just as we will too, some day.


We still live in the memories of friends and foe

But our time is short we have to go

And their memories of us will linger on

But who will remember us, when they too are gone ?


c/ Denis Murphy 07 July 2020.




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