Just for a Moment.

Just for a Moment.


Just for a moment, I thought I saw your face

There by the stall in the old market place

My heart surged and skipped a beat

Then you vanished into the crowded street


Were you really there or was it just an illusion

Or had you escaped in all my confusion

Melting in the crowd and disappearing out of sight

Like the way you left me, in the darkness of the night


Yet I thought I caught your fragrance in the air

And for a few moments I could only stand and stare

As you appeared so magically

Like an angel, walking towards me


As radiant as ever, your eyes like sparkling wine

Hand in hand with a stranger, the way you once held mine

And that smile you once had for me, reflected in his eyes

Another poor besotted fool, betrayed by your perfect lies.


  1. Denis Murphy 20 February 2020.


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