The Piano Tuner.

The Piano Tuner.


The  piano tuner called today

So I sat in the corner, out of her way

She pinged and she bonged for the whole afternoon

By the time she was finished it was perfectly in tune


It was amazing to watch her, so much patience and skill

With determination, persistence and a strong will

To get every note right from the start

I never realised it was such a fine art


A combination of engineering and musical ear

A few tuning forks and a whole lot of care

It now sounds full and so rich 

As she brought it up to concert pitch


 I can’t play a note, I am not a musician,

My wife is the musical magician

And many a haunting melody she can play

I am so lucky, to have a private recital every day


I can just sit back, relax and listen  

To Mozart, Chopin and her favourite Beethoven 

Now that the piano is in tune

She can play to her heart’s content every afternoon.


C Denis Murphy 12 February 2020.

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