A Dream of Storms.

A Dream of Storms


A storm is coming, I can feel it on the breeze

It whispers to the leaves and through the Dancing trees

I smell it in the earth, so thirsty for the rain

I hear it on the wind and I feel it in your pain

In your soft murmurs, at night when you dream 

In the darkest hour, I thought I heard you scream

What memories still haunt you and chase after you

Real or imagined. And am I in them too ?


Not all dreams are nightmares

Or full of our worries and fears

Some can bring us comfort and ease a troubled mind

A tiny spark of inspiration, we can often find

A slender thread of hope, we can follow carefully

That brings us to a place, where we can clearly see

The endless possibilities and solutions that abound

The answers to our questions can often be found


Some nights I just lie there neither sleep nor awake

Waiting for dawn’s chorus and the new day to break

And listen to your breathing, then I know that I am alive

Your heartbeat and mine, together we will survive.

We are Living the Dream, this I know

And Storms will come and Storms will go 

I believe this to be true somehow

That Our love is eternal and forever and for Now.


C Denis Murphy 14 February 2020.


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