The Clock is Ticking…

The Clock is Ticking…


The clock is ticking on the human race

The consequences of our action we will have to face

Like parasites we have bled our planet dry

All life as we know it, will surely die


We have raped the earth for diamonds and gold 

For precious metals our children’s future we have sold

We have drained the oil, the gas and coal 

We have wounded Gaia’s very soul


We’ve polluted our rivers, lakes and seas

We have burned our forests, cut down our trees

Living things we have torn from the ground

Leaving destruction and devastation all around


Stop ! they plead. Our children scream

And try to wake us from this dreadful dream

But we cannot see with our blind eyes

And our ears are deaf to their hapless cries


In the battle between want and need

To satisfy our endless greed

The Furnace must burn to satisfy our desires

And consume our soul in it’s hungry fires


Perhaps we already know, the human race is dead

The Beasts of Greed and Avarice must be fed 

In our frantic need to satisfy our craven lust

Our Legacy – will be ash and dust.


C Denis Murphy 05 February 2020.


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