Keepers of the Light.

Keepers of the Light


A ring of light around our rugged shores

On battered coast, raging thunder roars

In angry seas and storms from hell

They have kept travellers safe and well


Seafarers and sailors, fishermen too

Saved by a beacon of light shining through

Coastal fog, sea mist and spray

Through darkest night and on greyest day


On oceans edge in their Towers of stone

On rugged rocks they stand alone

Against the tempest and raging waves

And have saved so many souls from watery graves


Raise your glass and make a toast

To the Guardians of our coast

To the Keepers of the Light

Who keep us safe throughout the night 


A lifetime of bravery and devotion

A life on the edge between rock and ocean

Thank these men and women for their bravery

 Keepers of the Light, Sentinels of the Sea.


C Denis Murphy 02 November 2019.


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