A Poem about Poetry.

A Poem about Poetry.


People often ask me where I get my inspiration

I tell them I don’t know, but probably my imagination

Some days it can be easier, I just go with the flow

While others are more of a struggle, it’s difficult to know…


Lack of expression can often be so frustrating

Really annoying and even downright irritating

The vision forms, but the words just won’t appear

They shimmer for a second but then vanish and disappear


The gift of words can be hard to accept

And come tumbling in, when we least expect

And whisper annoyingly at the edge of our mind

Hinting at memories both hurtful and kind


Are they wishes or are they dreams

Telling one’s story in words and in scenes

Of the places we’ve seen, the faces we’ve been

And everywhere and everyone in between


Coloured by our experience and the roads we have travelled

Like knots untangled and riddles unravelled

Of things that once were and yet to be

This to me, is poetry.


 C, Denis Murphy 05 November 2019.



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