Today a Cat..

Today a Cat..


Today it was my cat you killed

You must be very happy and so thrilled

Tomorrow perhaps a neighbour’s child ?

With your speed, so reckless and so wild

You just left him there, didn’t even stop to check

Shrugged your shoulders  – oh what the heck.

After all it was only a cat

What’s all the fuss about that.


Tomorrow will it be a child or an elderly person ?

Who had just stepped out to collect their pension

Or a young mother with a buggy and a million things to do

The footpath is blocked, there is no way through 

Steps on to the road to pass your badly parked car

Because the nearest free space was too far

For you to walk to the door of the shop

You think you have the right to stop


In a world where only ME seems to matter

Full of careless and selfish drivers 

With your flashing parking light

“Oh I’ll only be a minute.”as if that gives you the right

Whether you’re a learner or a white van man

A raw beginner or an old veteran 

Think for a moment, put yourself in their place

Before blocking the footpath or the disabled parking space


And for God’s sake..please slow down

Remember you are not the only one in town

As you twitter away on your Mobile phone

If it beeps or rings, just leave it alone

Look out for that toddler, running out that gate

For God’s sake slow down before it’s too late.

And his name was JERRY by the way

My lovely cat you killed today.


C Denis Murphy 05 December 2019.


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