A blustery day for a walk on the strand

The wind whips up clouds of shimmering sand

Stinging the eyes and tossing your hair

While circling seagulls, their cries fill the air


A flurry of little wagtails, bob and weave 

In a frantic effort to retrieve

Hunting for little creatures and juicy sand flies

As evening falls, under darkening skies


With the tide fully in, we sit by the seashore

The beauty that surrounds us, impossible to ignore

Watching the seabirds, hover and glide

 Playing games of dare with foam and tide


The Sun sinks slowly into the west

A feeling of calmness, healing and rest

Unable to express the pure joy we are feeling 

A beautiful Symphony, a Tapestry of healing


Waves crash and tumble, where earth and sea collide

Echoes of the Ocean’s heartbeat carried by the tide

Like a distant drum beat, from the deepest Ocean floor

The Rhythmic Dance of Life can be felt on the seashore.


C Denis Murphy 30 September 2019.


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