Stranger Things.

Stranger Things.


Darryl O’Farrell was built like a barrel

His chest was big and hairy

He fell madly in love with Mary O‘Leary

Who wasn’t bad looking but very contrary

And could sing like a caged, constipated canary


Poor Mrs O’Shea didn’t realise her darling son was gay

And was always dreaming of his wedding day

But Ted prefered men to women instead

It came as quite a shock when she found him in bed

With the milkman’s ginger nephew, the one they call Fred


She told him that he would have to go to confession

Or she could never show her face at the Easter procession

What would the neighbours say outside the church on Sunday

Sure he’d have to leave the village and go far away

To somewhere out foreign or even to Galway.


But his father Pat said sure he might be able to get tablets for that

Like his own brother Shane who was a little insane

And he’d soon be alright and as right as rain 

As long as the lads down the pub wouldn’t find out

Sure he’d never live it down, or enjoy his pint of stout


Living in a small town can be a pain in the arse

With all the palaver, the fuss and the farce

But strange things happen when you least expect

Sure you couldn’t have made it up with the greatest respect

Didn’t the loving couples split up, with the strangest effect


Ted met Mary at choir practise the very next night

And wouldn’t you know, it was love at first sight

So Mrs O’Shea may yet get her big wedding day

While Daryll and Fred were last seen in Galway

 Without a care, walking hand in hand, through Eyre Square.


  1. Denis Murphy 14 October 2019.


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