The Art of Silliness.

The Art of Silliness – ( an exercise in just letting go, or an excuse for being lazy..)


Do you often wonder what it’s all about

Spending hours and hours trying to figure it out

Sitting there in deep contemplation

About God and Life and the whole of creation


The wife is gone to meet someone

For a cup of coffee and creamy bun

Girlie gossip, a chat and all that

With her daughter and her little cat


Listening to rock music from my past

Volume up high, giving it a real blast

Some songs I haven’t heard for years

Good memories, sitting here in my arm chair


So I have an hour or two

To decide what to do

I could tidy up the house a bit

I think I’ll just sit and think about it


Then again I might just strain myself

While reaching for that dusty top shelf

And I think I’ve done enough for today

I’ve done my exercises and put the dishes away


I’ve  had my walk around the park

More rain is on the way, it’s getting dark

Anyway it’s nearly 6 o clock, it’s getting late

Those jobs will just have to wait..


A man must eat, be he saint or sinner

And it’s time to think about what’s for dinner

Life is about survival between meals

A constant battle between the jigs and the reels


Being busy doing nothing, can really wear one out

Of that there can be little doubt

I’ll need all my energy to watch Ireland play

And then later, when I watch match of the day.


Why do it today when there is always tomorrow

Rushing into things can often lead to sorrow

The wife should be home soon I’d better watch out

And I still haven’t figured out what’s it all about !  


  C Denis Murphy 03 October 2019.


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