Thunder rolls, roars and rumbles

Above dark clouds, the sky God grumbles

As if awoken from a slumber so deep

Tears of rage from his fiery eyes weep


Across the sky, lightning flashes

As thunder booms, crackles and crashes

Shivering with fear, some take to their beds

Closing their eyes, covering their heads


While others peer out at this spectacular show

Waiting and praying for this storm to go

Counting the spaces between flashes and boom

Trembling with terror, fearing their doom


Sheets of rain beat against the shutters

Cascading water spills from overworked gutters

The wind rages against the glass pane

Windows rattle in the torrential rain


Dogs bark and whine, upset and confused

The cat is contrary and is not amused

Tingling with excitement, not sure what to expect

With a mixture of awe, fear and respect


Great oceans begin wIth the smallest drop

From a tiny spring on a mountain top

And makes its way to the deepest ocean

A cycle of continuous, perpetual motion


We can not control, influence or intercede

To the power of Nature we must concede

We can only wait for the storm to pass away

And the dawning of a brand new day.


C Denis Murphy 31 May 2019.


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