Dancing with the Stars.

Dancing with the Stars.


On a cloudless night

My soul takes flight

To distant worlds so far away

Far beyond the Milky Way

On wings of stardust and starlight

Celestial winds to guide me through the night

Dancing on Moonbeams across this infinite space

Cosmic Chaos and Order, rule this place.


Shooting stars ignite the sky

Starry eyed lovers watch and sigh

And wonder is there Life out there

On some far distant world somewhere

And wish upon that distant star

High above the heavens so far

Their hopes, their dreams, love and romance

While swirling stars sparkle and dance


Fiery comets on their lonely journey

Long distant travellers from a distant galaxy

Chasing nebulas and constellations

To worlds beyond our imaginations

Like Chariots of fire crossing a vast ocean

Spiral galaxies spin and swoon in perfect motion

A Cosmic Dance of Rhythm and Rhyme

In a Ritual, far older than Time …


C Denis Murphy 23 May 2019.


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