Three Little Kittens.

My 100th Poem!


Three Little Kittens.


Three little kittens trying to climb a tree

One hunting butterflies, the other chasing a bee

The third gets lost in an overgrown flower bed

And cries for his mother to come rescue him instead


One is a ginger, lurking In the long grass

Ready to ambush anything that might pass

Like a fluffy ball ready to pounce

With a hop and a skip, a leap and a bounce


As brave as a lion and as bold as brass

Stalking his poor sister, he creeps through the grass

The one with silver stripes on her back

The third, a tiger tabby, all golden and black


So easily distracted there is so much to see

With the attention span of a tiny flea

What a wonderful world to explore and to play

So much to discover, every step of the way


While mum looks on from the back yard

Always vigilant, always on guard

Alert for any possible dangers

Other cats and suspicious strangers


She knows they are not here to stay

Humans will come and take them away

But until then she will do all she can do

To keep them alive, safe from danger too


She will teach them how to stalk their prey

To hunt silently and patiently, night and day

To forage for food and to survive

Through long hard winters to stay alive.


Some will be lucky, they will find a good home

Others will remain wild and free to roam

Some kind humans will treat them like royalty

With love and respect, as one of the family.


C Denis Murphy 13 June 2019.





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