The Eye of the Needle.

The Eye of the Needle.


Glasses perched precariously on her nose

Her fingers dance and weave as she sews

As if casting a spell with every stitch

Like a Fairy God Mother or a kindly Witch

Hands gnarled but still so nimble

Steady  fingers, a clicking  thimble

Tongue sticking out, in pure concentration

A Ritual in patience and meditation

A chance to think and contemplate

Relax, unwind and meditate


Buttons and bows Satin and Lace

That look of contentment on her face

As she conceives and visualises in her head

Then creates from spools of silken thread

Work so intricate, delicate and fine

They say – A stitch in time saves nine

Darning socks so lovingly repaired

From mother to child, Knowledge shared

Down the generations from the Ancient dead

The Craft and the Skill of the Needle and Thread.


  1. Denis Murphy 15 May 2019.


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