The Furnace of Infinity.

The Furnace of Infinity.


Light fades slowly as evening falls

Like an unwanted guest, the darkness calls

Shadows creep across the cold stone floor

A sliver of light under the kitchen door

As daylight retreats from the darkening room

Leaving shades and shadows in the gathering gloom

A trickle of light, lingers a little longer

But finally surrenders, the darkness is stronger


A cold chill creeps from the dark of the night

Like a wet blanket, it clings so tight

A shiver runs down my spine, like an ice cold finger

Taunting, it seems to freeze and linger

Reminding us of our mortality

And that Life is a one way journey

A voyage we will not survive

No one gets out alive….


Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Death follows Life as it surely must

Energy to Matter, the Word is made Flesh

The Circle of Life begins again afresh

The Wheel of Time continues to turn

The spark of creation continues to burn

Reborn again in God’s imagination

In the fiery furnace of Infinity and Creation.


C .Denis Murphy 07 May 2019.


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