Another Decade Another Year.

Another Decade Another Year.


In an old photo album, cracked and worn

Old photographs faded and torn

Serious faces defiantly stare

A moment in time, they so generously share

Dressed in their best so glamorous and proud

A solemn occasion. no smiling  allowed

Ghost like figures, frozen in time

A different rhythm, a different rhyme


How the world has changed since then

The good old days way back when

Life was hard but simple,  or so it seems

They had their hopes and innocent dreams

The laughter, the sadness and tears they wept

Treasured memories are the gifts they have left.

A different world, a different era

A different ethos, a different agenda.


Another decade, another year

I think of the loved ones who are no longer here

They have gone now, the torch has been passed

The challenge has been issued, the gauntlet cast

The next chapter is our responsibility

In the Book of Life – what will our legacy be ?

In the great Saga of Life and Death

Are we ready and worthy  ? – The World holds its breath.


  1. Denis Murphy 17 May 2019.


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