The Last Dance.



In the frantic rush to satisfy our greed

In a mad orgy,  our egos to feed

We have placed our wants before our needs

To our own destruction, we have sown the seeds

So many are the mistakes we have made

Sold our souls, our trust betrayed

We have tipped the scales of Time and Balance

Ignored the warnings, rejected every chance

Our day of reckoning  can no longer be delayed

The price for “progress” – will have to be paid

While politicians  dither and procrastinate

Solutions must be found, it may already be too late

We have reached the point of no return

While we sit and watch the whole world burn

We are on the road to our extinction

This planet’s total destruction and annihilation

We must pay the price and take responsibility

For our arrogance and stupidity

We have reached the beginning of the End

We can no longer ignore or pretend

There is no more time for second chance

This is the Last Dance.
C. Denis Murphy 06 May 2019.


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