Election Fever and the Great Gravy Train.

Election Fever and the Great Gravy Train


Election time is here again

Councillors, M.E.P’s and Aldermen

A flurry of activity, they come from miles

Handshakes and promises and crocodile smiles

Knocking on doors and ringing every doorbell

So concerned about our health and are we well ?

With their suits and ties and shiny shoe

Slogans and leaflets all paid for by you  

People you never heard of are now your best friends

A pocket full of promises and great intentions

They boast of their achievements, claiming all the glory

And never miss a golden photo opportunity

Get your face on the paper, every interview you can do

Kissing ugly babies and grandmothers too

Ignoring notices on the front gate

Beware of the dog, don’t call too late

Interrupting the match, just missed the only goal !

Their posters hang on every telegraph pole

Waking up babies and disturbing the peace

Lord give me patience, will this ever cease?  


Last few seats aboard the gravy train

Europe here we come in sunshine or in rain

Last call for Brussels and Strasbourg too

Ladies and Gentlemen please form a queue

To meet our best buddies from Paris and Berlin

Sure don’t they love us, now that we stayed in

And didn’t vote to leave like those troublesome Brits

That ungrateful lot, they really are the pitz

You’ll soon be elected, everything will be fine

No pushing or shoving, just form a straight line

For your Inflated salaries and expense accounts

Where you can claim your benefits In large amounts

Five star hotels and first class travel

Here they come again footstep on the gravel…

A knock on the door, oh where’s my gun?

Let’s scare them shitless and have some fun

Oh – you didn’t see the notice on the gate

You should have read the warning –  sorry too late

“Never mind the Dog beware of the Wife”

You’d better run faster than you’ve ever run in your life..
C. Denis Murphy 01 May 2019.


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