The Knutty Knitters Klub.

The Knutty Knitters Klub (long version)


Oh the craíc is mighty, down at the Knutty Knitters Klub

There’s more fun to be had, than down in the pub

Down at the local hall, from eight till late

Leave all your worries and cares at the gate

And enjoy yourself, every Monday night

You can gossip for hours to your hearts delight

At the social circle and classes for knitting

You will find them there, chatting and sitting

If it’s entertainment you seek

Or just to natter and speak

To complain about the husband, the boyfriend and his mates

Or discuss all his habits and your pet hates

The things that drive you crazy and annoy you the most

When he leaves a mess in your kitchen or burns the toast


Knitting needles click n clatter

Amid all the gossip and the chatter

Did you hear about….Poor Nora and Jack

She swears this time, she won’t take him back

He has her heart broken again and again

Sure he always had an eye for the younger women

And poor John fell again and broke his collarbone

He was rushing down the hall to answer the phone

He’s very lucky he didn’t break his bloody neck

No wonder his poor old wife is a nervous wreck

And Mary’s young ones is expecting again

She’s getting married, but didn’t say when

And they buried poor Bridget before we knew she was dead

Sure ‘twas a blessing in the end, she wasn’t right in the head.

Some knit away at a furious speed

Others struggle to learn and to pay heed

Getting all tied up and tangled in knots

Patience is required – lots and lots

Winding the wool and spinning into balls

Crafted crocheted, capes and shawls

You can knit woollen socks and baby bibs

A little over-blanket for the cot or cribs

Hats and scarves and tiny little booties

For those adorable little cuties

Squares and patterns and circles too

In many colours, not just pink and blue

Created with  love, with patience and care

Shop bought items just cannot compare


The older generation pass on their knowledge

Lessons and skills they won’t learn at college

Grandmother to daughter, the generation game

From mother to child,  passes the torch and the flame

There is more than juicy gossip to be learned here

Social skills and learning to care

Solving problems and social concerns

The fabric of life, patience and patterns

Girl ,Woman, Mother, Wife

Learning their place in the Tapestry of Life.

So come on down to the club tonight

And fill your evening with fun and delight.

Join in the craic at the Knutty Knitters Klub

Sure the men won’t miss ye, they’re down in the pub.

c. Denis Murphy 27 March 2019



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